Welcome to Best Value Fly Tying Hooks & Feathers

Hooks and hackle are the greatest part of the cost in producing dry flies. The intent of this site is to provide both high quality and the lowest cost possible of both those materials. When I became thoroughly disgusted with hook prices, I decided to go factory direct. After much searching, I found a company that makes high quality hooks at reasonable prices. The savings is being passed on to you. I have personally tied and sold over 100,000 flies with these hooks without complaint. Five of Michigan’s top commercial tyers now use these hooks exclusively.

My hackle comes from a number of different sources: Metz, which I am currently able to offer at 20-25% less than retail. I also have some Whiting products at discounted prices. My premium capes and saddles come from several different sources and offer quality hackle at low cost. The capes generally will tie from #8-#18; giving most tyers full use of the feathers. I buy in bulk whenever possible so as to offer the lowest prices possible.

My own saddle pack 100s and 50s offer enough hackle and hooks to tie either 100 or 50 flies at a price that can only be had on this site. All orders regardless of size are sent with Free Shipping. If you have questions, call me direct at 989-390-0524.

Enjoy your tying and Fishing…