Hackle is great quality for a good price. So I’m sure you’ll be getting more orders from me in the future.

Logan Halverson, MI


I’m very pleased with the quality of hackle I purchased from you recently. I bought a number of your “50” packs and have tied several different sizes of flies to try the hackle. The results have been very good. Thanks for carrying such quality hackle.

Mark Romzick, GA


I love these hooks I got from you! I could use another 100 of #12, 14, and 16 if you have them.

Dave Mauro, MI


Best Value hooks have consistency of shape and excellent strength with excellent value. The streamer hook provides enough gap space for most all streamer applications and especially for large dry flies. The hopper hooks have excellent shape and strength for dry flies and can be used very nicely for unique shaped nymphs. Would highly recommend.

Scott Wejrowski, MI


I have been using Best Value hooks for two years and find them to be of high quality.

Sam Surre, commercial tyer, MI


My commercial tying experience spans the last 34 years. I have started using Best Value hooks for two reasons: Quality and Value. Best Value hooks are very strong with good color and have barbs just the right size. Additionally, the hooks are razor sharp. I know three other commercial tyers who have switched to Best Value hooks. The combined tying experience between the four exceeds 200 years! If Best Value hooks didn’t meet or exceed our expectations of quality and value, we would still be using other brands. You’d truly be doing yourself a favor by tying on Best Value hooks.

Ron Rakoczy, owner, Ron’s Fly Shop, Grayling, MI


I have fished Michigan rivers all my life and have tied for over 60 years. I’ve tied on every hook ever made; the last 45 years as a commercial tyer. I’ve been using Best Value hooks for the past several years. I tie for many of Michigan’s top guides as well as numerous fly shops. When I started using Best Value hooks I asked my customers for feed back. Guess what? NO COMPLAINTS! Another point I like about Best Value hooks is the fact that the barb is very short for easy removal from me ( some days guiding is tough) as well as the fish. If you want to save many $ on hooks, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Jerry Regan, MI